Keynote Speaker: Rebecca P. Butler

Faculty Summer Institute 2013, focused on the theme of “Enriching Education through Digital Resources.” Our Keynote speaker, Rebecca Butler, shared in her presentation, “Designing Copyright Compliant Online Courses,” how to use copyright in the digital age. We are supposed to know the law and whether you know it or not if you are caught disobeying the law you can suffer the consequences.


Rebecca Butler, Ph.D. is a Presidential Teching Professor of Instructional Technology, as well as, a Library Information Specialist for the Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment within the College of Education at Northern Illinois University. Prior to working for NIU, she was an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at East Tennessee State University.

Between working for Northern Illinois University and East Tennessee State University, Dr. Butler has conducted a variety of workshops, conferences, and graduate classes on the topic of copyright. She has produced three books in the past several years on this subject: Copyright for Teachers and Librarians in the 21st Century, Developing Copyright Compliance Policy, and Copyright for Teachers and Librarians. If that wasn't enough, she volunteers chairing, raising money, and judging contests for communities.

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FSI 2013 was a very engaging and inspirational event. Please review the other videos and Handouts from the conference. See you at the Faculty Summer Institute 2014!!