Keynote Speaker: Michael Vaughn

Faculty Summer Institute 2013, focused on the theme of “Enriching Education through Digital Resources.” Our Keynote speaker, Michael Vaughn, shared in his presentation, “Teachnology,” how technology has revolutionized the way we connect in today’s world. Ultimately, though we shape technology for our purposes, it also shapes us.


Michael Vaughn has spent over 10 years working with educational technology and distance learning in higher education. He regularly gives comedic presentations about the influence of technology on our personal, professional, and academic lives, and has performed for over 35,000 college students, families, and faculty during the past three years.

Michael has presented for numerous schools and organizations, including Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Hillel Foundation, and Jobs for Ohio Graduates. He also runs a blog ( about educational technology and social media that was included on's "90 Best Tumblr Blogs of 2011" and EdWorld's Top 25 Educator Blogs of 2013. Michael recently joined Teaching and Learning Technologies at Elon University as an Instructional Technologist, where he gets way too excited when he talks about 3D printing, gamification, and flipping the classroom.

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FSI 2013 was a very engaging and inspirational event. Please review the other videos and Handouts from the conference. See you at the Faculty Summer Institute 2014!!