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How do I access Blackboard from my mobile devices?

Currently, students who have ipads,  iphones, or an Ipod touch  REGARDLESS of the mobile service provider, can download the "Blackboard Mobile Learn" App for free.

Students who have other smart phones such as the Android can access Blackboard Mobile Learn ONLY if their service provider is SPRINT. Sprint is a development partner with Blackboard.

If you get error message, you should contact the help desk at 708-534-4357.

At this time we have not been updated as to whether or not other mobile providers will be added to the Blackboard partnership. We will keep you apprised as further updates become available.

If you are using the default browser from your mobile devices, you may have difficulty in opening the Blackboard course. Blackboard Learn does not support the default browser on some mobile devices. For a list of supported browsers and operating systems, go to the Student and Faculty Support Resource Center.

For more information about Blackboard Mobile Learn and Blackboard Mobile Central, see the Blackboard Mobile Overview.

Note: Some of the functions in your device needs special apps to open the blackboard content. Please contact the technical support for your device.




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