Wikis are excellent and convenient tools for team collaboration -



& are equally ideal for both classroom and remote instruction!



















Yes! That's right - Wikis are wonderful!

Wiki websites are wonderful tools for instruction and team collaboration.

Imagine being able to easily reach and collaborate with multiple individuals within various time zones, locations and restricted by compound and capricious scheduling conflicts.

Wiki websites make this possible - and the best part is that they can be free! 

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Many companies and universities use wiki software to create internal knowledgebases to connect their employees, instructors, and students, while providing a convenient place for them to share information, ideas and brainstorm.

Wikis make great community sites, as well. Many wiki software packages allow users to register for usernames, putting a face to any changes each individual makes.

Simply put, Wikis are great tools that let one person, or a group of people, manage content easily. They are used to create static websites, manage online communities, connect businesses with their customers, and even write magazines and books.

More importantly for our purposes here, Wikis can also be an excellent resource for instructional designers as they can easily obtain feedback and record dialog regarding the instructional content they create.

The possibilities are endless! So, what are you waiting for?


Let's learn more...

This small virtual contribution is designed to help introduce you to the wonderful world of wikis. The pages contained within this instructional site will further elaborate what wikis are, how you might best utilize them and provide instruction on how to obtain a wiki website of your own.




Learn more about wikis by watching this quick & entertaining Common Craft video HERE.


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