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What's a Wiki?

So what exactly is a Wiki anyway? 

Different people have different ideas about what a wiki really is, but however you look at it, a wiki is software that handles complex problems with simple solutions.

Named after wiki-wiki, the Hawaiian word for quick, wikis are essentially web pages that anyone — or at least anyone with permission — can create or edit. A wiki is a web-based tool that can be used by educators, students, businesses and staff to work collaboratively to create materials, resources and instructional presentations. Known for their simplicity, users can easily add and edit wiki content, creating a group web site. Each change in content is recorded and content can be easily reverted back to previous versions.

Ward Cunningham and Bo Leuf designed the first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, in 1995, to be an open, collaborative community site where anyone can contribute.

Cunningham describes a wiki as the simplest online database that could possibly work.




The Wikipedia online encyclcopedia is the probably the most well-known wiki in existence today. Wikipedia is one of the largest knowledgebase wikis and is now under a nonprofit organization, the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikipedia is a good example of a wiki that stays very professional, even though the contributors are volunteers from around the world, and manages to stay on-task with its professional goals.


So, why use a Wiki?

Some of the biggest benefits to using a wiki include: 

• A wiki can be a central location for all data related to a class, team project or client that’s accessible from anywhere.

• Wikis are like a blank canvas that can be formatted in a way that suits you best.

• Most wikis have a very low learning curve.

• Wikis promote collaboration and reduce version issues.

• Many wikis are free or available at a very low cost.


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