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How to Use a Wiki                                                                            

Wiki websites can be used in so many ways, and the best part is the flexibility. Wikis are like blank sheets of paper that you can format in ways that suits your needs best. Some ways you might consider using a wiki in your business or classroom are as follows:


Support - a wiki can be used publicly (with open or closed contributions), providing support documentation for software, technical issues, or answers to frequently asked questions about processes, products or services.

Job Aids & Operations Guides - to document processes for specified tasks and operations. A wiki can be a valuable resource when you have a team working on similar tasks and need to keep everyone in sync without experiencing prolonged downtime.

Project Management - tools that organize client or student data, files and tasks.

Collaboration - wikis are also highly effective when utilized as working spaces for in-development ideas – publications with multiple authors and collaborative projects with colleagues. Wikis can centralize all types of corporate data, such as spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDFs — anything that can be displayed in a browser.


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