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Wow 'em with your own Wiki!

Ready to let your organizational and creative talents run wild? Then let's get started building a wiki website of your own!

First you will have to decide on which wiki to use.

What Wiki to Use?

There are so many wiki tools available that it can take quite a bit of time and research to find the wiki that best fits your needs. However, the best way to get started is by outlining how you intend to use the wiki and making a list of your must-haves. Since this will be specific to your needs, it pays to spend some time thinking through the process before testing out various wikis.

Once you have an idea of how you want your wiki to serve you, WikiMatrix is a great starting point. On this wiki comparison site, you can use the wizard function to walk you through a process that narrows down the list of available Wikis that may fit your needs.

However, for our purposes, one of the most popular, user friendly and free wikisites is                                                



Getting & Creating a Wiki for free!

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There are many different places you can create and use a wiki for free. One of these great places is the wikisite PB Works. Click the link above to see for yourself.

However, the process for most of these sites is quick and easy! Simply go to the website (for example,, and create an account by entering your name, education related, or other eligible, email address, establish a personal password, then select a wiki type free "educational" or other free account option - and voila` - you're in!

Once you have set up your wiki account, you will be able to begin developing your own wiki websites able to be shared, viewed and edited by any others you wish. You may choose to grant edit permissions to no one, only a few that you invite, or leave it completely open for all to participate.

Since wikis can centralize all types of classroom or corporate data, such as spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDFs — anything that can be displayed in a browser, an important feature of most wiki websites is that you can elect to be notified whenever someone either comments, completes a task, makes any changes or adds/deletes content. However, there is no need to worry since you will always be able to restore back to any earlier or original versions as needed.

Because most wikis are based on open-source code, they're free for companies and institutions who opt for an open-source distribution. Since wikis are designed to facilitate the exchange of information within and between teams and classroom environments, the content in a wiki can be updated without any real lag time, without administrative effort, and without the need for distribution — users/contributors simply visit and update a common web site.  This is why the wiki is often described as the simplest online database that could possibly work!


Get more info...

For detailed instructions on how to create a PBworks wiki website click to view or print the Itemized Wiki Instruction Sheet HERE. 


To view resources used in this website & for additional tips and instructions on getting the most out of your wiki website it is helpful to view several short video clips below:

PB Works - Creating a Wiki

pb wiki-What Is A Wiki?

pb wiki-Getting Started



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