January 12, 2015
Vol. 13, Issue 2

Spring 2015 Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Events are free to GSU students with ID 
Tuesday, January 20

  • Jaguar Welcome Café - Student Leadership Meet and Greet - enjoy a beverage and conversation with fellow students and learn more about Student Leadership opportunities in Student Senate, GSU Program Council, The Phoenix, and the Community Service Council, noon to 6 p.m., Hall of Governors.
  •  The Student Life Food Pantry Spring Opening- will be open from noon - 5:00p.m. The Food Pantry is located in Student Commons and services any member of the GSU community in immediate need. Any students or staff members interested in volunteering contact the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service by emailing tpalmer@govst.edu.
  •  Secretary of State Mobile Station noon - 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, January 21

  •  Student Club Resource Fair and Pace Campus Connection - noon to 6 p.m., Hall of Governors- join a GSU Student Organization or get information on how to start your own club. The Pace Campus Connection will provide city transit information for students.

Thursday, January 22

  •  Alternative Spring Break Information Session -- Participate in the nationwide movement that involves college students serving their communities. The Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service will take 10 GSU students to San Diego, CA for a week full of service projects, civic engagement and networking fun. Come and learn more about this amazing program at 3:30 p.m., room A-2110. For more information email tpalmer@govst.edu.
  • Campus Crawl- Join this campus-wide virtual scavenger hunt. Get familiar with GSU academic departments and student service areas, everyone who participates will win GSU swag, and be entered in a drawing for tickets to the Chicago Bulls.
  • Women's Basketball Game-- Come and cheer on the Jaguars as they compete against Judson University. 6:00 p.m., GSU Gym. Sporting events are FREE for GSU Students, with current MyOne Card.

Monday, January 26

  •  MLK Commemorative Program - The GSU Community celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The program will include inspirational messages of hope and change, uplifting performances and presentations. The program is sponsored by Student Life, Intercultural Affairs. For more information contact rclay@govst.edu.

Thursday, January 29

  •  Open Mic Night -- We will transform the GSU Cafe' Annex into a hip underground coffee house from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Enjoy original poetry, singing and spoken word by GSU Students and Special Guests. Anyone can pre-register by emailing ddent@govst.edu or sign up on-site.

Secretary of State Mobile Services on Campus

The Secretary of State's Mobile Service Unit will be at Governors State University on Wednesday, January 21, from noon to 7 p.m., in the Hall of Governors.

Services available at the mobile service unit include driver's license and State ID renewal, replacement, and corrections; vehicle sticker sales; passenger and b-truck license plates; vehicle title and registration; parking placards for persons with disabilities; and organ/tissue donor information. In addition, vision tests and the written driver's license exam can be taken. No driving tests will be given.

The services provided are available to all qualified Illinois residents. State law allows driver's license renewal up to one year in advance. Proper identification is required for new and duplicate driver's licenses and state ID cards. Acceptable forms of payment include personal checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.

Governors State University is located at 1 University Parkway, University Park, Illinois. For information, visit www.cyberdriveillinois.com.

Secure Your Financial Aid

Get Your FAFSA Forms in Now!
If you haven't filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2015, NOW is the time to do it! The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for federal and state aid. Filling out the FAFSA as close as possible to January 1 will give you the best opportunity to receive aid. These are LIMITED funds and they WILL run out!

A misconception some students have is that they must have their taxes completed before they can submit the FAFSA. This is not true! If you have not yet filed your Federal Tax Return, you should still get the FAFSA done as soon as possible. You may estimate your most recent income and taxes. Just remember that if you do estimate, you must file a correction to update the information.

Upon completion of the FAFSA the Federal Government will notify you that your FAFSA has been processed and an electronic confirmation will be sent to Governors State. In addition to federal funds, the State of Illinois also uses the FAFSA to determine your eligibility for state aid programs like the Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant).

The FAFSA is free and has no processing fees. The easiest way to complete and submit your FAFSA is to go online at www.fafsa.gov. If you have trouble with the forms, help is readily available. GSU Financial Aid Director John Perry notes that there are free FAFSA Workshops on Friday afternoons on campus through January from 3:30-4:30 p.m. "FAFSA professionals will be on hand to help you fill out the forms. You can also make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office and we will answer any questions students have concerning this crucial piece of financial aid documentation. Our Financial Aid staff is available to help you and answer your questions at 708.534.4480 or by email at faid@govst.edu," he said.

If you filled out the FAFSA last year, remember you must apply yearly! You can fill out a renewal form, but you still must apply.

Perry offers some practical advice for students: "You want your financial aid in place. Don't complicate things for yourself. Get the FAFSA done now so you can concentrate on your classes and not on paying bills." Additional FAFSA information and resources are available in the Financial Aid section of the GSU website.

GSU's New Directory Makes it Easier to Find Faculty Online

IF you haven't checked out the new Faculty Directory on the GSU website, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do. The new directory is broken down into the four colleges and the library. You can find faculty two ways, either by clicking on the college and scrolling to find them alphabetically, or by choosing a program or department from the drop-down menu listed under each college. To see the new directory, click here: http://www.govst.edu/faculty-directory/.

GSU President Maimon Gives Address in Doha, Qatar

In December, Governors State University President, Dr. Elaine P. Maimon, gave the keynote address at the International Science and Technology Conference in Doha, Qatar.

Dr. Elaine P. Maimon, giving the keynote address at the International Science and Technology Conference in Doha, Qatar.
Dr. Elaine P. Maimon, giving the keynote address at the International Science and Technology Conference in Doha, Qatar.

A guest of the conference, with all expenses paid by the organizers, Dr. Maimon was invited because of her international recognition as an expert in Writing Across the Curriculum. Dr. Maimon spoke on "Quality in Academic Writing." Speaking to a multi-national audience, Maimon advised professors to give special attention to written communication in all its forms." She discussed ways that faculty members – whatever their discipline – can improve their students' writing skills. She also addressed writing for different audiences: scientific journals, newspapers and magazines, academic papers—and social media.

"It was encouraging to see the intense interest in the teaching of writing from professors from Algeria, Libya, Turkey, Poland, and so many other places. The question-and-answer session was lively and engaged. The conference was conducted in English without translators, and I deeply admired the abilities of these world-wide professors to function effectively in a second language. It was clear to me that all of us are striving for the same thing—preparing students to live and work in a global society."

Black Women Rock

Black Women Rock

"Black Women Rock" (BWR) celebrates the outstanding achievements of Black female students, faculty, and staff at Governors State University and community members in surrounding areas. Inspired by BET's Black Girls Rock, BWR aims to empower women to pursue their personal aspirations, encourage women to support others who are making positive strides and enlighten women on tools for success.

This year the program has been expanded to include a Resource and Vendor Fair on Friday, February 20, 2015 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Hall of Governors. This event is also serving as an African American marketplace for Black History Month. The Resource and Vendor Fair will provide an opportunity for local business and agencies to sell products and showcase their services. Please visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XJGVQ62 to complete the form below by February 9th.

Encourage others to participate. We look forward to seeing you there.

"What's that on the Sidewalk?" "Beets Me!"

Beet Salt

If you thought the sidewalks around campus had a strange color after the recent snowfalls, you aren't seeing things. GSU has been using an environmentally-safe, organic de-icer made from a by-product of sugar beet production on campus sidewalks and roads, which gives them a "tea colored" hue. In fact, GSU has been using this de-icer since 2009, putting the university on the cutting edge of what is rapidly becoming a national trend.

Rock salt is expensive, corrosive and environmentally unfriendly, according to GSU Director of Campus Facilities Services Kevin Barto. "Our ecosystems and wildlife are showing adverse effects from exposure to the chlorides. Campuses and communities are also looking at the deteriorating effect of chlorides on our roads, bridges, and equipment infrastructure," he said. Rock salt is also becoming increasingly hard to get, sometimes coming from as far away as Chile and Egypt, making it prohibitively expensive.

In addition to the environmental and cost factors, another problem with rock salt is its inability to melt once the temperatures reach 10 degrees or below. This is a cause for concern during the Chicago area's notorious winters, when temperatures bottom out and roads and sidewalks can't be properly cleared.

GSU still uses rock salt, but in conjunction with the beet by-product, allowing for less consumption and better productivity. "The beet products are used to treat rock salt which enhances the melting effectiveness of the chlorides to lower temperatures and reduces their corrosive properties. They are also applied directly to roads and sidewalks as a liquid spray prior to winter storms to prevent the bonding of the snow or ice to the pavement, Barto explained.

So now that we know why the sidewalks are brown, what else should we know about this stuff? Well, for one thing, it does have an odor. Some have described it as an "old molasses" smell. Also, it's tacky to walk on and sticks to the pavement. Barto compares the feeling to having tape on the bottom of your shoe. But that tackiness is also a safety enhancement. "In some cases, the pavement can stay treated for several days which enhances overall public safety and responsible salt usage." he said.

If you get the product on your clothes, you will notice it, but It will not permanently stain carpets, clothes, or shoes or harm people, plants or pets unless directly ingested in large quantities. The product will not corrode leathers or suede or metals, particularly compared to the powdery residue and corrosiveness nature of salt towards all materials, plants, and wildlife.

So, why beets? Barto explained it was by pure chance these products were discovered at all. "Farmers noticed that when it snowed on their corn and soybean crops, the snow covered the fields. But when they looked at the sugar beet fields, all the snow was melted."

Electronic Access to Your 1098T Statements

Governors State University is offering students the option to update their student profiles to consent to receiving electronic 1098T statements. This will allow all students the option of accessing, viewing and printing 1098T statements through the myGSU portal.

  • How do I consent to an electronic 1098T in the myGSU portal?
  • Log into the myGSU portal at http://mygsu.govst.edu
  • Click on Online Services
  • Students
  • Financial Information
  • Click on 1098T Electronic Consent
  • Read and select the option to receive your official 1098T only in electronic format
  • Click on the Submit button
  • How long does it take me to consent to an electronic 1098T?

It takes less than five minutes to consent to an electronic 1098T. Doing so will provide you the opportunity to view, print and securely store an electronic version of your 1098T.

  • What if I change my mind?

Even if you have previously consented to an electronic 1098T, Colleague allows you to change your consent preference at any time. If you have already consented and do not change your mind, you do not need to consent again.

  • When will my 1098T become available online?

Your 1098T will be available for viewing and printing on or before January 31, 2015. All GSU students will receive an electronic communication when the 1098T statements have been updated in Colleague.

  • Will I still receive a paper 1098T by mail?

Once you consent to an electronic 1098T, you will no longer receive future 1098T statements by mail.

  • Where can I locate my 1098T in the myGSU portal?
  • Log into the myGSU portal at http://mygsu.govst.edu
  • Click on Online Services
  • Students
  • Financial Information
  • View My 1098T Forms
  • Select the appropriate 1098T Statement that you would like to view or print.

If you have any questions regarding access to your electronic 1098T statement, please contact Financial Services at 708.235.3990.

Be a GSU Student Ambassador!

Student Ambassador

Join a select team of outgoing, engaging representatives of GSU and receive leadership training and you may also be eligible for a $500 stipend per semester (Fall/Spring). GSU Student Ambassadors assist the Office of Admission by conducting weekly campus tours, contributing to social media and participating in special on campus events.

Applications are now being accepted. To be considered for an Ambassador position you must: Have earned and continue to maintain a cumulative GSU GPA of 3.0 (3.5 for Graduate students). Be in good standing with the university.

Apply Today!
Applications are due to the Office of Admission by Friday, January 30, 2015. Instructions can be found online at www.govst.edu/studentambassadors

For more information, please contact Lisé Schneider at 708.534.4492 or lschneider@govst.edu.

Faculty: Get Your Story Told

There is so much going on at GSU that sometimes we don't take the time to appreciate when extraordinary people—like the GSU faculty—do extraordinary things. The GSU View would like to see our dedicated faculty members get recognized for their efforts in making Governors State a better place for all of us.

That is why we want to hear from you, faculty! If there is an accolade you have received, a program or project or student you are especially proud of, or if you think there just isn't enough light being shined in your direction, we are here to help!

The Digital Media, Marketing and Communications Department has added a new staff member, Phil Allen. Phil's title is Senior Writer, Communications Manager and he will be taking over the duties of GSU View Editor.

In addition to the View, we want to let the outside world know about the great things going on at GSU. Tell Phil your stories and he'll get the word out, through the GSU website, as well as social and traditional media. Get your story told! Reach Phil at pallen2@govst.edu.


Do you have a story or event you want to submit for the GSU View? Click here to learn about our submission guidelines.