First Year Students

Within your first year, you will create training manuals.


For example, in HPT 6100, you learn about the evolution of the training manual and then you create a training manual on social etiquette. Students have selected various topics such as interview etiquette, bike etiquette, modern rules of dog walking, dating etiquette, and so fourth.

In HPT 6200, you create a more extensive training manual. In doing so, you follow the instructional design model that involves analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation.


In the classes mentioned above along with the technology class, you create job aids. A job aid is a tool used to help employees do their jobs more efficiently.


Job aid on how to record audios using Audacity software created by a group of students in the technology class.



First year students also create training web sites in the technology class.


       Web site created by an HPT student in the technology class.


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