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Dan Petersohn, Editor in Chief
Spring 2013 Issue

When we first started Reconstructed, I don't imagine any of us thought it would look like it does now.  Having a short film embedded in an issue wasn't on the original drawing board.  My initial vision of how the website would appear was far removed from its current appearance.  I remember discussing this with Shelly, our web designer, over coffee one night…only to scrap our ideas the next day in exchange for our current blueprint background; a theme that more accurately represented the philosophy behind Reconstructed.

I definitely never imagined the quality or volume of poetry and art we'd receive.  If I was excited by our first issue, I'm ecstatic about this one.

Anchoring our poetry section this Spring are two returning poets from the first issue, Amie Bernard and Raven Eliza Hodge.  In addition we have several first time contributing poets with strong work that shouldn't be missed.

Michael Ripp and Shelly Hokanson bring excerpts from their graduate galleries into the art section.  Several intriguing images courtesy of some talented photography students help to make this a very strong issue for visual art.  And I mentioned a short film take a few minutes to check out "daisy."  An intellectually challenging viewing that asks questions of what's real, it's a well made short film that admirably demonstrates what a student and his camera can accomplish. 

Before I stop, I'd like to take a moment and thank a few people in the GSU community who have quietly supported us.  Lindsay Gladstone and Rhonda Jackson have both come through for us with advertising help and behind the scenes administrative assistance, as has Sheree Sanderson with funding help.  And of course, we wouldn't be here without Dr. Christopher White's enthusiastic support and many points of advice.  Each has played a key role in our success. 

This, our second running, has been slightly longer in coming than was originally planned.  So grab some coffee or wine, or whatever your particular vice of choice may be, and enjoy the artistic labors of GSU students.  I guarantee that it will take more than a single visit, and I think you'll agree it was worth the wait.


Poetry feature image

Poetry by Amie Bernard, Raven Eliza Hodge, Kamesha Gordon, William Schranz, and Kara Trojan.

Photo by Shelly Hokanson.


Fiction feature image

Fiction by Adam Ebert.

Photo by Tim Arroyo.


Art feature image

Art & Short Film by Tim Arroyo, Adam Ebert, Shelly Hokanson, Bridgett Mitchell, and Michael Ripp.

Photo by Michael Ripp.


Nonfiction feature image

Submissions welcome.

Photo by Bridgett Mitchell.


Spring 2013 Issue Credits

Thanks to the producers of the Spring 2013 issue of Reconstructed:

Editor in Chief:

  • Dan Petersohn, Editor in Chief
    Graduate student, MA in English

Literary Editors:

  • Dana Corlett-Bryant
    Graduate, MA in English
  • Tina Byers
    Undergraduate student, BA in English, Secondary Education concentration
  • Raven Eliza Hodge
    Undergraduate student, BA in English
  • Kara Trojan
    Undergraduate student, BA in English

Art Editors:

  • Amber Gocken
    Undergraduate student, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Dave Gribbins
    Graduate student, MA in Sculpture
  • Shelly Hokanson, Art Editor/Web Designer
    Graduate, MFA in Independent Film & Digital Imaging

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Christopher White
    Professor of English, College of Arts & Sciences