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Editor's Dialogue

Kara Trojan, Editor in Chief
Spring 2014 Issue

This past semester was the first experience I had as Editor in Chief for Reconstructed, and I am eternally grateful for the experience.

I have always been a supporter of the creative arts, especially since I started writing creatively at a young age and dabbled in the visual arts for quite some time.

When I first transferred to Governors State University, I wanted to find a niche for the creative voices at Governors State. I knew that there were others who had their own personal projects -- I just didn't know where to find them. Then, my English professor told me about this literary journal during my second semester at Governors State University, and I was ecstatic. So, I started out as a creative writing submission, then moved to a staff editor, and now Dan handed down the responsibility as Student Editor in Chief to me. 

However, this literary journal is not mine. It's a beautiful construction out of all the other creative artists here at Governors State, and I am overwhelmed by the creative spirit of the editing staff and the talent I've seen while evaluating and selecting submissions. 

Since Governors State is about to welcome their first class of freshmen for the 2014-2015 school year, the staff and I are more driven to continue to evolve the literary and visual arts journal; that means, we want to host more events, create a welcoming environment for the underrepresented visual artists, and seek out more creative artists at Governors State who are, also, looking for their niche of creative artists. 

We will continue to grow, to rethink ideas, to make mistakes, and to build off each other's ideas; essentially, we are working to reconstruct the way others view creativity and help other creative artists flourish.


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Poetry by Amie Bernard, Adam Ebert, Sarah R. Johnson, Patricia Odgen, Kara Trojan



Fiction feature image

Fiction by Adan Alvarado, William Wright, Timothy Nelson



Art feature image

Art & Short Film by Maria Vallas, Michael Costanza



Nonfiction feature image

Non-Fiction by Melissa Baron, Kara Trojan



Spring 2014 Issue Credits

Thanks to the producers of the Spring 2014 issue of Reconstructed:

Editor in Chief:

  • Kara Trojan, Editor in Chief
    Undergraduate student, BA in English Education

Literary Editors:

  • Adan Alvarado
    Undergraduate student, BA in English Education
  • Adam Ebert
    Undergraduate student, BA in English Education
  • Maria Vallas
    Graduate student, MA in English
  • William Wright
    Undergraduate student, BA in English Education

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Christopher White
    Professor of English, College of Arts & Sciences

Web Editor:

  • Prof. Jerry Slowik
    University Lecturer, College of Arts & Sciences

Cover Thumbnail Photo Credits:

  • Maria Vallas
  • Michael Costanza